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  • 1 February 2021
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What are visibility levels for?

✍🏽 Sauce Labs jobs are always fully visible to the account which created them, and the organisation admin.

Sauce Labs jobs have one of several “visibility levels” which control what information about a Sauce Labs job can be seen by who. Choosing the right visibility level can make sharing job details with your colleagues much easier, while ensuring your job details remain secure.


Where can I see the visibility level of my job?

Visibility levels are, uh, visible, on the job details page. For instance, here’s a job with the default visibility of “Team”:

Where to find a job’s visibility level.


What do the Job Visibility levels control?

✍🏽By default, jobs for free-trial and paying users are set to ‘Team’ visibility.
    Jobs for Open Sauce users are set to ‘Public’ automatically and can’t be changed.

Visibility levels make it possible to share a job with everyone, only your colleagues, or keep it fully private. They decide whether a job can be accessed by people who aren’t logged into a Sauce Labs account, and whether a job will be indexed by search engines. You can even allow people to view the screenshots and video only.


  Command and Internal Logs visible Screenshots and Video visible Sauce Labs account needed? Shows up in Search Engines?
public To everyone To everyone No Yes
public restricted To owner/admin To everyone No No
share To everyone To everyone Yes
(does not need to be in organisation)
team To owner/admin and team members To owner/admin and team members Yes
(must be in same team)
private To owner/admin To owner/admin Yes
(owner/admin only)

💣Anyone who can see your test’s logs can see all characters sent to your system under test.  That includes passwords, addresses, and any other sensitive data.  Use caution when setting jobs to share, public restricted or public.


Can I set or change a job’s visibility level?

🦾Automated jobs can control their initial visibility using the ‘public’ desired capability.

💪🏼Live jobs for free-trial and paying users always default to the ‘team’ visibility and can be changed after they’re finished.

✍🏽Job visibility can be changed by the job’s owner, the team admin or the organisation admin… Or any system using their credentials.

You can change the visibility for any job (automated or manual) using the Web UI.  From the Job Details page, click on the arrow next to the visibility setting, and choose the correct visibility:

🦾You can also change job visibility using the REST API; See here for details.


I want to share a job without changing its visibility; Can I do that?

Yes!  See Sharing Job Results for more information.


More Information

See the Job Visibility section of Sauce Labs Custom Testing Options.

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