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  • 16 February 2021
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G’day, Australia!

Please excuse the very stereotypical opening; I’m Sauce Labs’ longest serving Australian staff member and I’m super excited to announce that we’ve launched our first APAC data centre!  It’s available for use now by Alpha customers, with some caveats; We’re on track to deliver the full Sauce Labs desktop testing experience by the middle of 2021, but right now we’re still delivering features.


What’s Available?

Right now, as a customer in Australia, you can sign up to use our European or US data centres to take advantage of our full functionality.  If you’d like to stick with our APAC data centre, here’s the features it has available:



  Available Due Date
Virtual Desktop (Automated)
  (See Platforms Section)
Virtual Desktop   End of Q1
Emulators/Simulators (Live & Manual)   End of Q1
Real Devices (Live & Manual)   Not Yet Scheduled
Test Runner Toolkit   End of Q2
Sauce Connect   End of Q1
Analytics   Not Yet Scheduled
SSO   Not Yet Scheduled
API Testing   Not Yet Scheduled

Low Code/No Code Testing




All Platforms are currently available on Windows 10 only.  Support for other OS versions is underway.

  Available Due Date
Chrome, latest stable :ballot_box_with_check:  
Chrome, previous 2 stable versions    End of Q1
Chrome, all versions 75 and up   End of Q2
Firefox, latest and 2 previous stable   End of Q1
Firefox, all versions 55   End of Q2
Edge, all versions implemented with Chromium   End of Q2
All above on Windows 8   End of Q2
Mac OS   Not Yet Scheduled
Linux   Not Yet Scheduled


Endpoints and IP Ranges

Selenium Endpoint:

IP Ranges:


Access & Availability

Concurrency is Free

Customers enrolled in our Alpha program get access to the APAC data centre free of charge, without impacting any of their concurrency budget for other regions.

Access lasts for 90 days after it’s granted.  All we ask in return is you run real test loads and provide feedback (see below).


Connecting is Easy (If we can get to your app)

The APAC data centre doesn’t currently have Sauce Connect functionality.  In order to connect, your SUT will need to have a public facing URL (or whitelist the IP addresses above)

If it does, you’re all set; Just change your Selenium endpoint to the one listed above, make sure you’re using one of the selected platforms, and fire away!


Feedback and Support

We ask that you don’t send support requests or feedback to  Instead, please share here, or contact Mike at (Mike’s email here if he’s OK with it).

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