How user accounts share Concurrency

  • 24 February 2021
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Do Concurrent Sessions apply to my entire organisation, or only my user account?

Your Organization purchases a specific amount of concurrency from Sauce Labs, depending on your budget and needs.  By default, users have access to this full concurrency pool.  Your admin can choose whether to allow users to access the full concurrency pool, or whether they’ll have their own individual limits.


However, when a user uses a Concurrent Session, they use it for the entire organization.  Here’s an example:

Dividing concurrency amongst a team

This organization has a concurrency limit of 10.  They have allocated 5 sessions to one user, 2 to another and 3 to a third.


The first user is running 3 of their 5 allowed sessions.  They can still start another 2 sessions.

The second user is running all 2 of their allowed sessions.  They can’t start any more sessions until one of those has finished.

The third user isn’t running any sessions. They can run up to three before they run out.

The organisation as a whole has used up 5 of the 10 sessions they have available and can only start 5 more.



Administrators can also choose to over-provision concurrency.  This means the sum of all the concurrency they’ve assigned to their users can be greater than the concurrency they have a a whole. 

For instance, say each user is allowed to start 4 sessions.  If all three users were able to start all their sessions, that would amount to 12 concurrent sessions.  However, that’s not what happens.

The first and second users are able to start 4 tests each, using their entire concurrency limit.  However, once the third user starts two tests, the entire organization is running 10 concurrent sessions… Meaning they’ve hit their limit.

Even though the third user still has two more concurrency slots to use, the organization as a whole has run out.


What happens if users have no limits set?

If you leave users without a concurrency limit set, they’re able to use the entire concurrency limit for the organization.  If this happens, no other users will be able to start tests until that user closes some of their sessions:

Users without concurrency limits can consume the entire organization’s concurrency limit


Why would I want to over-provision concurrency, or not set limits?

Over-Provisioning/not limiting users gives your organisation more flexibility in their usage of Sauce Labs.


For instance, if you have a full regression suite that only runs at night, you can allow it to make use of most of your organization’s concurrency.


If you have users in different timezones, you can make use of concurrency when other users aren’t at work.


Or, you might simply co-ordinate internally to manage which users are allowed access when; Perhaps allowing one team to do more Live testing when they’re close to a big release.

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