What happens if I use up all my concurrency?

  • 24 February 2021
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What happens if I use up all my Concurrent Sessions?

Hitting your Concurrency Limit means you won’t be able to start any more Live Tests until some of the existing sessions are closed.  These might be sessions that you opened, or, if your concurrency is over-provisioned, those opened by your colleagues.  (BTW, you can read more about how organizations share concurrency between accounts here.). It could also be because you or your colleague are running too many automated tests, or aren’t shutting them down properly.


If you’re frequently finding you’ve used up all your concurrent sessions, consider:

  1. Asking your organizational admin to increase how much of your total organizational concurrency you have access too
  2. Improving any issues your automated tests have with leaving sessions open when no longer in use
  3. Purchase a higher concurrency plan



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