What does "Automated testing minutes" mean?

  • 8 February 2021
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On the Sauce Labs pricing page, the Virtual Cloud product lists says it comes with

1,000 automated testing minutes


What does this mean?  What happens if I use more then 1000 minutes a month, and can I buy more?


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What are automated testing minutes?

1,000 automated testing minutes

means that every month, your account is credited with 1000 minutes worth of time, which you can ‘spend’ by running an automated test.


When you request a new automated test run on emulators, simulators or real devices, Sauce Labs starts a new virtual machine which your test runs on.  Every second that machine exists, it spends a second of your automated testing minutes (BTW, we don’t round up to the minute!).  If you create a new test and the virtual machine runs for 45 seconds, we’ll deduct 45 seconds from your automated testing minute balance.  This goes for every virtual machine you run. 

For instance, say you run two tests concurrently.  Both take 45 seconds to run.  You will be billed for 45 seconds for each virtual machine; a total of 90 seconds.


Automated testing minutes are counted from the moment the virtual machine is bought online, to the time we can delete it.  This is longer than the time the test runs; It includes the time to bring the browser/device and automation software online, as well as the time to encode and upload videos, screenshots and logs.


What if I go over my balance?

Your account won’t be disabled.  Instead, we will bill you for each minute at a rate of $0.20/minute, charged at your renewal date.


Can I buy more?

Each level of concurrency comes with a set amount of minutes.  For instance, with our