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I'm not sure where I should post!

  • 16 February 2021
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I'm not sure where I should post!
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Asking for help can be stressful.

Some internet communities can be really hostile if people ask questions in the wrong area.  Everyone in our community has a story about a time they felt unsure asking for help or participating in a discussion.  Even in real life, it can be difficult, embarrassing, or even scary. 


We’re here to help!

The Sauce Labs Community is here to share information and support the Digital Confidence community.  We have users of all experience levels and technical backgrounds, and we’re all here to talk about the industry we (hopefully) love.


Some Guidelines

You should start discussions and ask questions where they’re most relevant to other readers.  To put it another way, post in the area where it’ll be seen by people with the same experiences and needs as you, where it’ll be seen by people who can contribute to the discussion.

If there’s a couple of places that fit, choose the one where you think you’ll find the most experts in that topic.



You’re curious about Selenium 4

Selenium 4 is mainly used for Automation testing Websites, so most of the people with experience will be in “Testing and Delivering Websites > Functional and Unit Testing


Your automated Web Tests aren’t running properly on Circle CI

This might fit in “Testing and Delivering Websites > Functional Testing”, but the Circle CI experts are more likely to be hanging out in “Collaborating, Deploying, Integrating and Monitoring > CI/CD


You’re having problems locating elements in your mobile app when using Sauce Labs

This one is a bit tricky.  It might sound like it belongs in “Managing Sauce Labs”… but it fails the relevance test.  Most of the discussion in that area is about billing, the REST API, and managing accounts.  If you post it in “Testing and Delivering Mobile Apps > Functional and Unit Testing”, more users (with more experience) will see it.


Sauce Connect isn’t working from Jenkins, but it is from your developer machine

This one is even trickier. Since it’s specifically about Sauce Connect, you could put it in “Managing Sauce Labs > Sauce Connect & IPSEC”.  But it might also be a problem that Jenkins experts could solve, so it’d be OK to post in “Collaborating, Deploying, Integrating and Monitoring > CI/CD“.


Please, don’t be worried!

Don’t be concerned about making mistakes!  Our community moderators are here to help facilitate discussions.  If we think a topic belongs somewhere else, we’ll move it for you; it’s simple for us to do. 

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