Appium 2.0 looks awesome.

  • 16 February 2021
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Just the other day, I discovered that Appium’s Roadmap is really well documented.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised since, IMO, Appium is one of the best run OSS projects out there.


One of the cool things on the roadmap is the proposal for Appium 2.0.  It was added to the roadmap in 2019, but there have been several updates since then; it looks like it’s going to be a major overhaul! 


The primary change is that Appium is going to become a set of WebDriver specifications, a runner, and a tool for managing drivers.  According to the proposal, Appium itself won’t contain any drivers.  Instead, it will have an interface that lets you install and manage drivers and driver versions.  What is considered the main “Appium” package right now will become the driver runner.  Appium will also develop a set of libraries that are consumable by other projects to make it easier to write drivers themselves (Maybe Apple Watch support?!).


There’s some changes to interfaces as well; Not only are they planning to move Appium’s spec into the base WebDriver W3C protocol (eventually), they’re also going to build out a plugin interface.


Super awesome stuff!  If you can’t wait, head over to Appium’s Contribution guide for info on how you can help out!

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