Best Practice: Avoid External Test Dependencies

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​​​​​​Use Setup and Teardown

  • If there are are "prerequisite" tasks that need to be taken care of before your test runs, you should include a setup section in your script that executes them before the actual testing begins. For example, you may need to to log in to the application, or dismiss an introductory dialog that pops up before getting into the application functionality that you want to test.

  • Similarly, if there are "post requisite" tasks that need to occur, like closing the browser, logging out, or terminating the remote session, you should have a teardown section that takes care of them for you. 

Don't Hard Code Dependencies on External Accounts or Data

Development and testing environments can change significantly in the time between the writing of you test scripts and when they run, especially if you have a standard set of tests that you run as part of your overall testing cycle. For this reason, you should avoid building into your scripts any hard coded dependencies on specific accounts or data, Instead, use API requests to dynamically provide the external inputs you need for your tests. 

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