Can Screener Runner work in parallel?

  • 26 February 2021
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My app is parallelism safe; It uses auto-generated test data, doesn’t share sessions and runs on fairly powerful hardware.


However, I can’t figure out how to make Screener Runner run my tests with more parallel sessions?

1 reply


Hey Dylan!

By default, screener will automatically split up and parallelize large tests, up to the available concurrency an account has. Each parallel test will have a minimum of 5 test cases before it is split. For example, if you have 5 test cases, then it will not parallelize. If you have 10 test cases, then it will split it into 2 sessions, etc. You can overwrite this default behavior by using the configuration option below (found here), which will have each test use its own session up to the available amount of screener concurrency.

newSessionForEachState: true