Convincing your manager to let you attend SauceCon Online

  • 25 February 2021
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Does this sound familiar to you?

“My manager never lets me attend conferences”

We understand; It can be difficult to convince managers to spare you the time and money you need for training and development.  While SauceCon Online should be an easier sell (As an online event, tickets range from Free to Not Very Expensive), you’ll still need to convince your manager it’s time well spent.  That means writing a business case.


Step One - Gather Data

Check out the SauceCon Online Schedule to see what sessions you’d like to attend.  Tying sessions back to your company’s needs is your main weapon.  Look for sessions whose content either supports an upcoming project, or talk about overcoming a challenge your company is facing.


Step Two - Summarise Value

Giving your manager a series of takeaways can help show what direct advantages they’ll get from your attendance.  Some of the takeaways for SauceCon Online include:

  • API Testing Practices
  • An intro to Accessibility Testing
  • Overcoming challenges in Mobile App CI/CD
  • Advanced and Obscure Selenium Techniques
  • Developing a high value Automation system
  • Future Testing Technologies
  • Test Refactoring Techniques

Pick those that are most relevant to mention and make sure they’re obvious!


Step Three - Consider Workshops

Workshops can be an easier sell, because they’re directly linked to practise and outcomes.  Some managers who would never dream of sending their staff to a conference will be much more willing to send them to learn something in a hands-on fashion… and since you can’t buy a Workshop ticket without a Conference ticket, that’s to your advantage!  Check out the available workshops here.


Step Four - Propose

Tell your manager about SauceCon Online, and give it a brief introduction.  Make sure you include a link to the Conference Website.

List the sessions you’re interested in attending, emphasising that they’re directly relevant to company projects.  If you found an applicable workshop, list that as well.

Follow up with the key takeaways you’re expecting, and then re-enforce the value by listing how affordable tickets are.

And that’s it!  Send it off.  Still not sure how to do it?.  Customize this letter to help them understand why SauceCon Online is one of the most valuable conferences you can attend this year.


Step Five - See you there!

Once you succeed, go register, then come tell us we’ll be seeing you there!

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