New to test farms and VPN/tunneling

  • 4 August 2022
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(Just asking/investigating.)

I’m using Appium currently, and have an unusual but useful test hook in our app which compiles into the debug build profile and gives our test tool a way to provoke and detect state changes and events. Both the hook and the app are normally on the same network, but if we use a VPN, they won’t be on the same network anymore. Pretty sure lots of people use test hooks on Android and iOS, how do people normally forward or tunnel connections reliably in that scenario?

My experience is that connecting a phone to a VPN tunnels all traffic over the VPN? So I’d have to make sure my hook can still connect to wherever the runner is running. Trouble is my VPN would normally not allow external connections to be forwarded, when a programmer is working from home for example. Do Sauce have some good VPN sauce?

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