The State of Jamstack 2021

  • 16 March 2022
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Every year the hosting/CDN/Modern Web Enablement company Netlify conducts a survey of the state of the Jamstack community.

This year's results have some interesting insights into the industry.

Everyone (OK, 80% of people) agree with Sauce Labs that Mobile is critically important to their business... And since responses came across all industries, this probably applies to you and your work, as well.  Hate tiny screens?  People are still targeting desktop, as well.

A quarter of Jamstack developers are building sites for Enterprise software, with a third also building B2B software solutions.  These sites serve anywhere between 1 and millions of users, too.  The more you work on bigger sites, the more likely you are to specialise (say, as a Front End developer).  These sites are becoming more sophisticated; almost half of all respondents use microservices, functions-as-a-service, or containers to power their backend.  "Static" isn't so static anymore.

Respondents rated Performance as their most important concern, followed by uptime, and security.  So, front-end performance testing and CI/CD all 'round!  Interestingly, Devs even said they prefer those things over speed of deployment!  (Part of me thinks they're lying, TBH...)

Check out the rest of the responses over at

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