What's your favourite thing about Cypress?

  • 8 February 2021
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You may have heard about the Sauce Labs Testrunner Toolkit, our new containerized solution for running Cypress (or Playwright, or Puppeteer, or...) in Sauce Labs.

We started working on the Testrunner Toolkit because we wanted to make it easy for customers to make use of these newer frameworks, and bring the advantages of our insights and analytics tools to teams using them.


Something I’ve been hearing from customers and a couple of my colleagues, though, is the question:

Why wouldn’t you just use Selenium?


I think it’s great that Cypress and its ilk have been able to learn from the evolution of Selenium and WebDriver and make something new, and I’m curious; are you thinking of switching, or have you switched already?

What makes you and your team excited about them, and what makes them nervous?

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