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  • 16 February 2021
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Sauce Labs Alphas, Betas, and You.

From time to time, Sauce Labs makes early versions of features available as Beta or, rarely, Alpha releases.  (If you’re not sure what an Alpha or Beta release is, check this article out).

Beta customers get to try features before they’re fully released, and their feedback is extremely useful in helping us delivery what customers want and need.  Generally speaking, our beta products are either totally free, or free to existing users… With the downside being that, well, they’re beta features, and may not work as expected.

Actually, that’s worth a red bar:

Beta features are expected to have bugs and behave in weird ways; They might even cause problems in other areas.


What do Beta users have to do?

Use the product and provide lots of feedback.  That’s all we ask.  Your feedback is extremely valuable in helping us deliver best in class features, whether it’s suggestions, constructive criticism, reviews of the documentation, or bug reports.


I want to participate in a Beta!

Great!  We’re lucky to have enthusiastic users who want to help us help them make awesome products.

Our beta programs are usually closed, and the relevant Product Manager will invite customers to try the beta directly… Although that’s not always the case!  For example, Test Runner Toolkit is currently in Open Beta.

If we’re looking for Beta candidates, we’ll post an article over in New and Improved with ‘[Beta]’ in the title.

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