TestFairy joins the Sauce Labs Family!

  • 18 March 2021
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Well, we did it again.

We acquired another company.  Welcome TestFairy!

They’re our kind of company!

TestFairy is a Mobile Quality Enterprise Platform.  It helps you automate distribution, manage feedback, streamline development and deliver fast


Oh, you want more?  Test Fairy does crash reporting, lets you understand customer support issues in real-time, and automatically create test automation code, all in a highly secure, compliant environment. With the TestFairy platform, developers leverage an SDK directly in their app and use the platform interface to choose the groups of users to whom they want to deploy their beta app. This enables developers to release beta versions of their applications directly to select users to get real-time feedback, thus creating a consistent and robust feedback loop that provides significantly more context, depth, and detail on how their application is functioning than they can get from traditional scripted tests alone.


Why TestFairy?

The world of mobile development has proven to be fundamentally different than that of web development, and therefore demands a complementary set of tools to support it. Mobile developers are increasingly eager to deploy beta versions of their app in such a way that they can get valuable feedback from users, iterate quickly, and maintain a consistent feedback loop. 


By adding TestFairy to its portfolio, Sauce Labs now offers the broadest mobile testing solution in the industry, one that leads with developers but also serves the needs of other personas that play a role in ensuring mobile quality.

(John Kelly, CTO, Sauce Labs)


To learn more about TestFairy, go here to read our press release.


What does that mean for you?

Sauce Labs’ service is growing, and as a Sauce Labs customer, you’ll have access to the broadest, most comprehensive, smartest integrated delivery quality solution on the planet.  With the addition of TestFairy, Sauce Labs offers support for the entire Mobile application lifecycle.

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