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Participating in a Sauce Labs Alpha or Beta

  • 16 February 2021
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Why would I want to participate in an alpha or beta?

Alpha and Beta testers are making a trade-off.  They’re risking products being buggy or unstable, in exchange for early access to features and a chance to influence how a feature works once it’s finally released.

Sauce Labs almost always provides Alpha and Beta products to testing customers for free, letting them try out new features at no cost.  Additionally, you get the opportunity to directly interact with the product development team, letting them know what features you like and what you don’t.


Why does Sauce Labs want you to participate in an alpha or beta?

We want to build things customers find useful!  Customer feedback is essential to make sure our features work the way that teams of all sizes and capabilities want.  They help us determine what we should spend time on, what we should leave out, and how good our documentation is.


Alpha and Beta software is expected to have bugs.  By participating in an Alpha or Beta, you accept that things may fail, sometimes spectacularly and with unpleasant results.


What do I need to do to participate in an Alpha or Beta?

Since you’re here, you’ve already been asked to join an Alpha or Beta for a Sauce Labs product. 


Product Access

You should already have access to the feature being tested.  If not, send an email to the Product Owner who enrolled you in the beta.


Finding and Posting Topics

Topics start with the product name in beta, inside square brackets:

[Testrunner Toolkit] Support for XYZ

Each product has a “Getting Started” topic, which should point you in the right direction to begin with


Questions and Feedback

Feel free to post any questions or feedback in this forum, with the product name in the title, as above.  Our community moderators will make sure it gets to the right Product Owner, and your fellow beta customers are a great source of assistance.


Finally, Thank You!

Here at Sauce Labs we love having the opportunity to make tools to improve the lives of professionals just like us, and our Alpha and Beta customers are immensely important in helping us do that.

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