Is the future (Google) Fuchsia?

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A few years ago, Google launched a public repo for Fuchsia, a project they called a:

modular, capability-based operating system

Which is

a foundation for developers to create long-lasting products and experiences across a broad range of devices.

It runs on Intel 64 and ARM processors, and its open source, and…. That’s kind of it until a few days ago, when they launched Fuchsia on their first generation Nest OS Hub, as reported by 9to5Google.


I have one of these, and I noticed exactly nothing in terms of changes.  It’s still sitting there, displaying my photos and occasionally switching into an American accent for no reason whatsoever.


So what’s Google playing at?  Is this an attempt to provide a custom OS for Google devices specifically, or are they making a play to replace the underlying Linux-y-ness of Android?  I personally think this is the case; Fuchsia supports Rust and Flutter, it’s for Android-y hardware and Apple has gained a lot of leverage by owning the entire operating environment.  I’m curious what takes the rest of y’all have on Fuschia?

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