How can I make my app think it's in another country?

  • 18 March 2021
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I need to test country specific features of my app.  When I run it as normal, it thinks it’s in the US; How do I change this?


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You can do this using our free tool, Sauce Connect Proxy.


When using Sauce Connect Proxy, network traffic is securely routed from the device under test, through the Sauce Connect Proxy Tunnel, to where-ever the Sauce Connect Proxy Client is located.

(BTW, the Proxy Client is the piece of software you run to start Sauce Connect Proxy; It might also be run by your system team or your CI server).

Traffic to your system under test will appear to originate from where-ever you’ve started Sauce Connect Proxy.  So, if you need to test how your sites behaves in Australia, you can start a Sauce Connect instance on an Australian server, and boom, your app thinks it’s Down Under.

If you don’t have servers in the country you’re testing from, you can either use a VPN or spin up an instance of Amazon EC2, and run tests that way.