Bartop lessons from Web Testers

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Inspired by This reddit post, I started thinking about what lessons a theoretically tipsy version of me might pour out while drinking up, about testing and DevOps and quality in general.  Then the list got toooooo long, so I decided to cut it back to three and ask y’all to share your own:


You’re not a special case

So. Many. Times. I’ve heard or seen people justify either avoiding best practises or perverting them beyond recognition because they have “Unique requirements”.


No you don’t. You have the same requirements as everyone else: Make money, don’t generate negative PR, comply with laws.  That’s it.  Oh, your testing environment is unique?  Well that’s still not a special case, that’s a problem to fix.


Quality isn’t sexy

It should be!  But it isn’t.  People (Developers) consider quality enhancing activities onerous requirements, business costs (Managers), or just plain boring.  If you can frame it in more exciting terms, you can bring them online, but it is a rare and special beast who is excited about testing for its own sake.


IDEs suck for testing

I have spent so much of my life watching people fight their IDE instead of typing npm test  or mvn test into the command line.  It hurts.



What are your own “inside voice” realisations you’d share with a new colleague over drinks?

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