I AM a Robot and it's fine: CAPTCHAs in automated tests

  • 17 February 2021
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CAPTCHAs are the weird little challenges you get online which ask you to prove you’re a human by clicking a box, unscrambling a warped word, or finding all the cars in an image:

reCAPTCHA from Google is a common sight online

These challenges are great for protecting your website from automated spam, bots and other non-human interaction.

That’s why Saucebot hates them.  In the normal course of things, you want your site protected from automated interactions.  When testing though, you don’t.  Worse, since the entire point of these things is to prevent your service being used by bots, they can block automated testing entirely.


We get customers asking us all the time; How can they get around the CAPTCHA during their automated tests?  The bad news is, well, you can’t.  Not directly.  Not letting people get around them is the entire reason they exist.


We usually suggest customers disable them entirely for their test systems.  For live/production systems, you can try using IP detection to check if traffic is coming from Sauce Labs (or your Sauce Connect client) and, if so, disable CAPTCHAs then.


What other ways do folks get around CAPTCHAs in testing?

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