What You Need To Know.

  • 30 March 2021
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First of all, Welcome!

The Sauce Labs Community is a place for all software professionals to discuss delivering excellent software.  Sauce Labs Customers or not, Developer, Tester, Consultant, Manager, or CTO, experts and beginners and everyone in-between.  This is the place to collaborate, learn, and share all the latest in Digital Confidence.  We’re glad to have you!


TL;DR: What you need to know

  1. These forums are a safe, welcoming space.  All users (including the Moderator team) are expected to abide by the code of conduct.
  2. Categories are divided by what you’re trying to achieve, such as delivering an API, implementing and managing your process, or managing a Sauce Labs account.  Not sure where to post?  Don’t worry!  Our moderator team’ll move things if needed.
  3. Asking the Community for support isn’t just OK, it’s highly encouraged!  Check out our guide to Troubleshooting and Asking Questions.
  4. Filling out your profile is a great way to let others know about your professional life!


The Longer Version

Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct keeps everyone safe!  It applies to all Sauce Labs related activities, both online and virtually.

Everyone is expected to behave in a safe, professional manner when using these forums.  Sauce Labs expects Staff, Speakers and Guests to follow our Code of Conduct (which you can find here) in all Venues, either online or in person.  If you feel the Code of Conduct has been violated, please let the Moderation team know!  It’s an important part of keeping this community safe and friendly for everyone.


Where to ask questions and find answers.

Discussions are grouped by what users are trying to achieve. 

There are three forums specifically about what your team is building:

In Deployment, Collaboration, Monitoring and Management you’ll find topics about CI/CD, Production Monitoring, Analytics and Release Management.

Managing Sauce Labs is where you’ll find information about Sauce-Specific features, like our REST API, Sauce Connect and Billing.

Finally, Community Meta contains topics about the Community itself.  It’s where you’ll find getting started guides (like this one!), discussions of events and news from Sauce Labs.


Each Category has a list of all the recently active topics in that category. Each Category has a number of Subcategories that refine the content further; Click on the Subcategory name to see only content from that Subcategory.


Worried you’ll post in the wrong place?  Don’t be!  Not only do we have a guide to help decide where your discussion belongs, we’ve also got an active Moderation team who can easily move things if needed.


Asking For Help

We highly encourage you to ask questions in the Community!  It’s a great resource for assistance and support, especially when the problem is something that might have been faced by others.  The best way to get help?  Follow this Guide.


Get Into It!

The best advice I can give is to participate in discussions.  You’ll meet people from all industries and skill levels here, all of whom are passionate about delivering great products.  There’s quite a few Sauce Labs staff members answering questions, having discussions and generally enjoying the vibe, too!

Sauce Labs Solutions Architects post some great articles sharing their professional wisdom.  They’re even labelled with “Solution Architect Says”, making them easy to find!


Filling out your profile lets other users know a bit about your professional experience, and can help you find others in the same industry or location.


That’s it!  This is your community; if you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know!


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