Do I need to be able to code to do visual comparison testing?

  • 18 March 2021
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If I want to make use of Screener’s Visual Comparison Testing, can I do that without writing code?  What if I want it to run automatically?


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Yes, you can do visual comparison testing without code, and you can have it run automatically.


Screener Pages

With Screener Pages, you can give Screener a set of URLs and Screener will visit each one in turn, whenever your tests are run.  Screener Pages is great for testing sites which don’t require a lot of user interaction.  You can find the documentation for that here.


Screener Recorder

If your tests do require user interaction (say you want to check what your site looks like after logging in), you can use Screener’s simple, free recorder tool to watch what you’re doing as you use your site, and replay those actions on demand.  The documentation for the recorder is here.


Running Tests Automatically

From Github

Screener can run a test on every PR over at Github.  Check the integration docs here.

CircleCI, Jenkins, TravisCI and others

Screener provides a simple script for integrating with any CI system, which is documented over here.


You can also kick off tests using the REST API.