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We have something to tell you!

Or, at least when we do, we'll put it in this channel.

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Pre-Release Message

The plan is to do a public release 9/20. I'll delete this thread before we do that.

So everyone reading this message is a Saucer previewing this tool. Please play around with this site for a minute, fill out your profile, introduce yourself, let me know if there's something we can change or organize things differently.

Outverse is still in beta and has some rough spots, but I think it'll do quite nicely for the kind of async communication we want to be able to foster with our users and the community.

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Community Tour

Outverse is still in beta so there are a few rough edges, but we're really impressed so far with what we're able to show you. (I say this and then I'm immediately struggling to use this wysiwyg editor)

* Check out the Content Library, you can filter by videos and articles and we can add links to external things as well

* We can post Events that we are hosting or attending so people can keep track of everything in one place.

* Channels contain one or more "Forums" which contain "Threads" in which we can converse.

* Current problems:
- Why can't I hard return? Do I really have to have soft returned before I can hard return?
- Why don't bullets or numbers work?

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