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Hashem Al-Ghaili to discuss science communication, AI & simulation technology

On this episode, our host Nikolay Advolodkin is joined by THE Hashem Al-Ghaili to discuss science communication, AI & simulation technology, his book 'Simulation: The Great Escape', & more. Don't miss out on this episode - tune in now!

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Beyond Coding - Bekah HW's Deep Dive into OSS, Community, Inclusivity, and 100 Day Challenges

Our special guest @BekahHW, creator of the Virtual Coffee community, chats with us on all things open source. The ins and outs of getting involved in and contributing to open source projects, fostering a sense of community and inclusivity, and even embarking on the challenge of 100 Days of OSS.

What questions to you have for Bekah? Let us know what you think of this episode.

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Community Tour

Outverse is still in beta so there are a few rough edges, but we're really impressed so far with what we're able to show you. (I say this and then I'm immediately struggling to use this wysiwyg editor)

* Check out the Content Library, you can filter by videos and articles and we can add links to external things as well

* We can post Events that we are hosting or attending so people can keep track of everything in one place.

* Channels contain one or more "Forums" which contain "Threads" in which we can converse.

* Current problems:
- Why can't I hard return? Do I really have to have soft returned before I can hard return?
- Why don't bullets or numbers work?

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Let's talk Software; Open Source Software

Selenium, Appium, WebdriverIO, Watir, Selenide, SeleniumBase. Bugs, problems, making good use of things, let's discuss.

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Pre-Release Message

The plan is to do a public release 9/20. I'll delete this thread before we do that.

So everyone reading this message is a Saucer previewing this tool. Please play around with this site for a minute, fill out your profile, introduce yourself, let me know if there's something we can change or organize things differently.

Outverse is still in beta and has some rough spots, but I think it'll do quite nicely for the kind of async communication we want to be able to foster with our users and the community.

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I'll go first...

👋 Hello!

I'm Jason Baum, Director of Community here at Sauce Labs. I'm thrilled to be a part of this vibrant community.

Writing code is the easy bit. The challenge is making it work. And then work well. And then work well, reliably, over and over and over.

Oh, and within your resource & risk budgets. And predictably. And also scalable and understandable by your team. And new hires.

Compatible with the infinite combinations of tools, platforms, and processes that already exist. While still building your career skills, helping your customers, and impressing your peers.

Actually, maybe it's not easy at all. You need a team. Folks who know what’s new and interesting. Who’ve been there before and can help with the tricky stuff.

That's why I'm so excited for the launch of the Sauce Labs Community; we’ve got your back.

More about me:

🏠 Personal Life
I'm based in New Jersey and have the joy of sharing my life with my wonderful wife and daughter. And yes, I'm that dad who loves to tell horrible dad jokes. You've been warned!

🎙️ Podcast Host

In addition to my role here, I host several podcasts, including "Test Case Scenario," "AI Time Journal," and "Retail Adventures." These platforms allow me to explore the human elements behind technology and retail, topics I'm deeply passionate about.

🌐 Community Builder

Community building is my forte. I believe that listening, engaging, and serving are the cornerstones of any successful community. I've honed these skills throughout my career, here at Sauce Labs and previously as the Director of Experience & Community at DevOps Institute. There, I led initiatives to create a safe and interactive ecosystem for DevOps professionals.

🤝 Let's Connect!

Looking forward to building something great together!

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Let's talk about it

Have something to say of general interest or that doesn't belong in another channel? Start a thread!

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We have something to tell you!

Or, at least when we do, we'll put it in this channel.

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Job Seeking / Hiring

Do you have a developer or testing-related job and want to find qualified candidates?
Are you in the market for a new opportunity and want to let people know what you're looking for?

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Questions or Assistance

Is there something on the Sauce Labs app that doesn't make sense to you?
Is there something missing in our documentation?
Do you just want to know more about something we do?

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Product Feedback

If you have feature ideas or things to share with Sauce Labs Product Team, please fill out the form at this link.
Otherwise, please feel free to create a new thread and ask us any questions in this channel!

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Welcome! Update your user profile

Hello everyone! We're excited to meet you. Please fill out your profile information so everyone knows who you are.
Then start a thread and let us know why you're here.

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