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I'll go first...

👋 Hello!

I'm Jason Baum, Director of Community here at Sauce Labs. I'm thrilled to be a part of this vibrant community.

Writing code is the easy bit. The challenge is making it work. And then work well. And then work well, reliably, over and over and over.

Oh, and within your resource & risk budgets. And predictably. And also scalable and understandable by your team. And new hires.

Compatible with the infinite combinations of tools, platforms, and processes that already exist. While still building your career skills, helping your customers, and impressing your peers.

Actually, maybe it's not easy at all. You need a team. Folks who know what’s new and interesting. Who’ve been there before and can help with the tricky stuff.

That's why I'm so excited for the launch of the Sauce Labs Community; we’ve got your back.

More about me:

🏠 Personal Life
I'm based in New Jersey and have the joy of sharing my life with my wonderful wife and daughter. And yes, I'm that dad who loves to tell horrible dad jokes. You've been warned!

🎙️ Podcast Host

In addition to my role here, I host several podcasts, including "Test Case Scenario," "AI Time Journal," and "Retail Adventures." These platforms allow me to explore the human elements behind technology and retail, topics I'm deeply passionate about.

🌐 Community Builder

Community building is my forte. I believe that listening, engaging, and serving are the cornerstones of any successful community. I've honed these skills throughout my career, here at Sauce Labs and previously as the Director of Experience & Community at DevOps Institute. There, I led initiatives to create a safe and interactive ecosystem for DevOps professionals.

🤝 Let's Connect!

Looking forward to building something great together!

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